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Friday, January 1, 2010

Pay it Forward Goodies


About a month ago, I left a comment over on Closet Cooking regarding an event called Pay It Forward. Three people are randomly chosen from the comments to participate, and Kevin sends them a box of food-related goodies. The idea is that, then, each of those three people will host the event themselves and choose three more people each that they will send out boxes to! I was a winner (yay!), and I just got my box a few days ago and thought I would post my incredibly awesome Canadian foodie gifts:

First, some Maple Cream Cookies (For the record, these are so terribly scrumptious. I use the word terrible because I can't keep my paws off of them!):

Pure Maple Syrup (the good stuff):

Maple Sugar (I can't wait to bake with this; think maple sugar cookies, or a maple caramel!):

Some AMAZING-looking Balsamic Fig and Date Mustard that I'm sure you could put on your shoe and it would be wonderful:

A couple bags of Maple Tea (Oh how I adore tea of all sorts):

And lastly, a few Japanese Kit-Kat Bars (really cool!):
Pay it Forward- Japanese KitKats

Thanks so much Kevin!

I will, of course, be participating in this even as well, choosing three more random individuals to send out boxes too, but the rules state that I have a whole year to do this. As I have very few readers (read maybe 5 including family?) at the moment, I don't think that now would be the best time for me to do any sort of give-away, but do look forward to it in the semi-near future!

Now, at the same time (like within one or two days) I also entered a give-away for a Starbucks mug over at Blissful Bellas, and somehow won that as well (talk about lucky)! Starbucks was all out of their holiday mugs for my prize, but I got this gorgeous mug instead:
I love it! Thanks girls! I can't wait to have some of my new Canadian tea in this mug :)


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