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Monday, October 5, 2009

Heathy Tailgating Food?

Dinner Time! My yogurt held me over for about 3 or 4 hours but by 7 PM I was HUNGRY! For dinner tonight I was definitely in "Game Day" food mode as the highly anticipated showdown between arch rivals the Minnesota Vikings (with Brett Favre!) and the Green Bay Packers was the Monday Night Football game tonight!! I decided on a hot dog, fries, and baked beans- the ultimate tailgating foods.


I bought these Applegate Farms Organic Uncured Turkey Hotdogs a little while ago and have been thoroughly enjoying them. At only 50 calories per dog there is absolutely no guilt involved in eating them either.


My turkey dog is nestled inside of a toasted bun from Great Harvest and topped with ketchup and yellow mustard. Great Harvest makes such tasty bread products!


For the fries aspect I baked up some Alexia sweet potato fries and when they were done I tossed them with a little fleur de sel. Personally, I choose sweet potato fries over regular fries any day (though some waffle fries are hard to resist!). These were particularly good as they tasted like they just came out of a fryer when they had only just been baked.


The beans are homemade honey baked beans based off of the recipe here from Country Living. I did make a few adjustments to the recipe, though. I used vegetable stock instead of chicken stock, I added in one big diced carrot, an extra clove of garlic, and some cinnamon. I also replaced half of the dijon mustard with honey dijon mustard, and used half sherry vinegar and half cooking sherry. Lastly, I used half pinto beans and half navy beans. They turned out wonderful and are still just as delicious over a week later!


Of course I had to add some grapes in there for the freshness aspect. I have to say, I really wish I had some Claussen pickles left to add on the side as they would make the meal absolutely perfect! But, all in all this was a very scrumptious Monday Night Football dinner; now I have to get back to the game! Go Brett and the Vikings!!


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