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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I got home from work a little after 9:45 PM and wasn't feeling all that hungry at first, but by 10:30 it set in and I wassuddenly famished! I wanted to wait until Mikey got home though, to see what he wanted to do about dinner. He got home around midnight and I decided it was far to late for me to be cooking so we decided to go out. There is only one (good) restaurant we know of that was open at that hour- Joeys.

I got:

SEAFOOD SICILIAN PESTO LINGUINE the pesto you’ve never had! a spicy exotic sun-dried tomato blend, zucchini & italian parsley with sautéed shrimp & bay scallops.

While Mikey got:

GRILLED CHICKEN SOUVLAKI with our tzatziki, bruschetta & hummus wrapped in a grilled pita served with our signature fries.

I have gotten both dishes before and they are both extremely delicious! The linguini dish is awesome because it has so many surprises! There are pine nuts and capers and tons of herbs and spices, it's wonderful and actually kind of has a Moroccan flair to it.

And now on to breakfast! This morning I decided on a tried and true classic- Honey Nut Cheerios. A quite tiny bowl, in fact.


I added in some sliced (frozen) banana and poured in some skim milk and called it good. I had a piece of Great Harvest French Bread on the side slathered with crunchy Arrowhead Mills Cashew Butter and some of my homemade pumpkin butter.


I generally feel rather lazy when it comes to breakfast creativity .



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